A Photographic Journey

I have never really thought about photography that much. Photos were something I took with my compact camera or my phone.

However after playing around with photoshop on some of my photos I found that it was real fun to experiment with the different aspects of image manipulation. Now as the images I mostly like to make are close-up photos, I soon ran into limitations with my compact camera.

The natural next step was to get a more sophisicated camera. I don't know how many reviews I have read in the month before I finally bought my camera. But I know it was a lot!

My choice finally settled on the Canon EOS 80D. It was in a price range I was comfortable with, with the features I reckoned I would mostly need. I am no expert on photography, and probably never will be. And quite frankly I don't really mind. Having fun is the most important part for me. Else it's just another thing you "need" to do ...

Walking in the woods I came upon this scene.

First steps

My first photos with my 80D was shot in my living room. Trying different settings. Checking out the functions. You know ... Pushing all the buttons to see what they do.

As you probably would guess, I immediately deleted most of the photos, as they were just too horrible to show to the world.

I think I made about 20 photos of this flower before I found the settings that gave me a photo that could be used. As I shoot in raw, all images are processed with Lightroom and/or Photoshop before they are published.

One of my first ventures with my new camera.

Seeing the world through new eyes

When I used to work as a Technical Engineer, there was this vacuum pump that was scrapped. I thought it could be fun to take it apart, so I took it home with me and did just that.

I reckon it's also the technical aspect of photography that has me entranced. Fiddling with technology has been one of my greatest interrests for the largest part of my life.

A photo of an inner part of a vacuum pump.


Here are a few example galleries. For more photos check out my smugmug gallery.

Flowers and plants

The blooming flowers I have caught on camera.


Urban photography from my travels.


It's about catching the scenery at the right time.

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